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08 September 2009 @ 08:12 am
waiting for my mother so i can go to ANOTHER dave concert!! that's right ANOTHER!! haha. the last one was amazing! i met him and everything. he even called me darlin' :P haha. my life is complete. anyways, today will consist of me freaking out and standing in line for 10+ hours. fun fun fun. it's so worth it though. jeez dave, the things i do for this man. i risk my well being just to see the guy for two hours. whatever, i admit i have a problem. that's the first step right? my stomach is currently not happy... well it's too happy i guess. i'm already all shaaaaky. i'm going to be a mess later. i'm hoping he'll come out and sign stuff. preferably before the show so he has more time. that way i can get my freakin two year long a waited hug XP. anyways, off to go nag my mom, she needs to get her butt ready.
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01 August 2009 @ 09:22 pm

i wrote something on here exactly a year ago lol XP well today was alright. i went downtown with the family. we ate some pizza and went to see the proposal. it was so cute :) i cried. ally is addicted to my book, she is forcing me to write while she is at her dad's so she can come home and read it haha. oh well, at least one person likes it. i can't believe i'm like almost done lol. i've been working on this thing since like... forever haha. 20 more days until david!!! im soooo excited! i'm going to sit by the funnel cake stand, he is sure to show up sometime. he can't stay away from thee fried dough! XD oh and, i gotta feelin' that tonight's gonna be a good night :P i hate that song.my camera is broken :'( i break like all my cameras. it's horrible, and i have nooo money for a new one. imma die. yesterday i learned how to play 'colors' on the guitar... i'm so skilled.
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24 July 2009 @ 12:01 am

so this time of year has returned again, camping!! i feel like this could be a turning point in my summer, hopefully. i'm sick of all this depression crap. i've like never been this excited about camping since i was a youngin haha. it should be really awesome. can't wait to see everyone :) dorothy is coming with her demon child though, that should just make everything enjoyable... not. i can already hear him whining and screaming for more marshmallows. kill me.

david cook concert in less than a month :D i'm sooooo excited! i'm going to try and get to the buses after the show, maybe he'll come out. that would be amazing. i'm probably going to faint though. i'll be like "hi, can you..." *faints* hmm, maybe he'll be concerned ;) if i don't faint i'm going to be as red as a tomato and a stuttering mess. i mean this is the guy i've been admiring for over a year, and now i'd be within feet of him. gahh even thinking about it,,, i'm so pathetic huh?
haha :D

i chilled with ally yesterday. she thought it would be fun to do blindfolded makeovers.... not fun. i like ruined my shirt with the f'ing red lipgloss shit. it squirted out the back and ruined it. it was a white shirt too, FML. haha. then it was like impossible to get it all off my face. yucky haha. well then ally told me i wrote "hello" on her hand when i was lying on the bed and i totally don't remember doing it haha. i guess i was like half asleep. i'm so strange.

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29 June 2009 @ 03:15 pm

so far i've pretty much just chilled with ally whenever she is free, write, listen to musica, and cry. yes i am a depressing person. i saw amanda last weekend for uncle vern's b-day. i didn't have that much fun because we spent most of our time at the f*ing river and i (for certain reasons i do not want to state) couldn't go in. so i sat alone and listened to my ipod, which sucked balls. i'm constantly waiting for this summer to get better, which it isn't. it has proved to be another lonely, boring three months. on top of that emiy is either sick of me or just plain hates me, i'm alright with it. not my problem, i didn't do shit. but that means my days are spend alone, *sniff, sniff* at least i have time to write, i'm hoping to get done with my book this summer, i've been writing the damn thing for a year now. waaaay too long. it's because during school i don't have any time to write on top of homework and getting to bed early. so now i have two more months to finish it up and make a few changes i've been thinking about. post-its are a life saver let me tell you haha.
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14 May 2009 @ 09:19 pm

last weekend was mother's day. we went fishing with dorothy and her devil child and i got the fucking worst sunburn in the world. it's almost been a week and it's still like frickin bright red! and i have like weird blisters on my shoulder, it sucks monkey balls.

well; today i stayed home from school to get dave concert tickets. it was hell. first it wouldn't let us buy them, it kept saying that they were unavailable, wtf? anywho; then i got really good seats but i didn't know the page timed out after a minute. so when i went downstairs to get the credit card the page timed out and i lost the tickets. when my dad tried at work he bought three tickets in the 16th row. and i was like aww that's really far back. so we tried again and got seats in the 6th row but on the right side of the stage. oh well, at least i get to see dave, right? so my mom and my sister are going to take the 16th row tickets. and me and and em are taking the 6th row. it should be pretty cool :) after the concert we are stayin' at a hotel, my mom got the room for 20$!! cause she had some weird hotel credits or something haha.

tomorrow i might go to this concert/bbq in riverbank at the target shopping center. saftey suit is going to play, and they are like.... really tight. so that should be cool :D

yes, that is me
23 April 2009 @ 09:19 pm

i need you, you don't see me
i want you, you don't care
i miss you, you can't remember me
i love you, you don't know me

i want you to know
if i could have anything in the world
it would be to see you smile

when i see you
my heart aches
to feel your arms wrapped tightly around me

when you laugh
i smile

my eyes
show my pain
i wipe the tears away
so nobody will see
how much i love you

i love you, if only you knew.
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05 April 2009 @ 10:15 pm

Capitola was alright, kinda boring. okay, really boring. then when i got home david had just posted a blog saying he had to cancel a couple shows to deal with "family issues" so everyone was freaking out thinking it was adam. so i cried for like 2 hours, it was not fun. we still don't really know what's going on :( just praying and hoping he is alright.

on a brighter note, spring break is next week! we get out on thursday, minimum day!!! i can't wait. i think i'll get to see mander for easter which is VERY exciting :)

today... actually a few hours ago emily and me were outside and she was really hyper and she was explaining the process of buying chips and dip or something. then she told me everything she ate today and what happened, all while she was talking really fast... it was weird. XD anywho; today i went to go get new earphones because mine where broke, like the whole earphone came off the wire; it was crazy! well i got two pairs because they were cheap and yea, one is blue and one is green! hehe. im listening to BOB MARLEY!!!!!!!

meeee >.<
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22 March 2009 @ 01:44 pm

i don't know why i titled this entry "BOO!" so don't ask.

david just added some west coast dates!!!!!! in San Diego and Sacramento. i think im gonna try and go to the one in Sacramento. it's in august at a fair, damn how come all the concerts i've gone to have been at fairs? the world will never know. hey that reminds me of tootsie pops! anywho, the tickets haven't come out yet, but i subscribed to the fair's newsletter so as soon as they become available i'll know. woot woot!!

last night i played apples to apples at em's for like 4 hours. it was kind of retarded, lol. next weekend we are going to capitola for her b-day. i just ordered her a signed jason wade picture :D yea, she'll enjoy that!


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18 March 2009 @ 08:08 pm

today i went to the dentist, no cavities!!! and davey was on the radio while i was in there! then i saw my cuzo april in the parking lot :)

jordan actually decided to show up at school today. she said she wanted to hang out on the weekend since we didn't see eachother in like two weeks. but then at lunch she ditched me, so she must not wanna hang out too badly. so i hang out with ashleeeee now lol.

in an hour or so im going to em's to watch AI. i bet porkchop is going home (even though i want adam to go home). i don't like porkchop though, he sucks. GO DANNY!! :)

some chicks came into my health class to talk about sex today. but half way through the fire alarm went off. so we didn't have to hear them blab away. i guess some chicks pulled the fire alarm because they didn't wanna do a test hahaha. then in seventh period (fricken hayden) the fire alarm went off again right before last bell. it was craaaazy lol. i just left school, i didn't bother going all the way back to the feild, that would be retarted.

me today :)
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16 March 2009 @ 09:55 pm

here are some of my dream(s) last night: we moved to a new house with a cool little shed behind the house that i used as my room. but the backyard had dinosaur poop in it WTF weird, yea i know.

me and my mom were at a david cook concert but she had seats alot closer to the stage then me, i was somewhere in the middle with a couple of my friends. david was going out into the crowd grabbing peoples hands (like the singers do to their fans when they are singing.) and i guess he came by me and tried to grab my hand but i wasn't paying attention. so later on he came back over to me and gave me a hug :AWW: it was so freaky because it felt so realistic, like when i woke up it felt like i had actually hugged someone. well anyways, then joey gave me this weird purple scarf and took a picture of me and david.

then me and my mom were back at the house (with the dinosaur poop) and she was talking to david about leukemia.

i have really weird dreams! anyways, back to real life: i stayed home today cause i don't feel good :(. and tomorrow is st.patty's day! proud to be irish lol. i joined twitter today, im totally clueless but its all good :).
www.twitter.com/guitargirl325 << me!! so american idol is tomorrow! danny is sooo gonna win. he's hella tight, and his dance moves are bomb :D. i hate adam with a passion, everyone loves him, its freaky. for one, he wears waaay too much guyliner. two, he screams too much. and three, he's just scary lol. i'll be up into the late hours of the nighting voting for "okey-gokey" (don't ask its a jimmy kimmel thing).
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